Iceland airwaves 08
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+ Comments Iceland airwaves 08 - 2008-10-21 18:50:48
Yes, I love Icelandic music! I'm just back from Iceland Airwaves music festival, Reykjavik( Here's the list of bands I attented in 5 days festival, mostly Icelandic ones: Borko (IS), Benni Hemm Hemm (IS), Hjaltalin (IS), Mae Shi (US), Florence & The Machine (UK), Fuck Buttons (UK), Æla (IS), Skakkamanage (IS), Amiina/Kippi Kaninus (IS), Seabear (IS), For A Minor Reflection (IS), Sudden Weather Change (IS), Singapore Sling (IS), Sprengjuhöllin (IS), White Lies (UK), Dr.Spock (IS), Boys In a Band (FO), Retro Stefson (IS). Will keep on posting for the next days/weeks the photography I have done of both music acts and Iceland nature and landscape. Canon EOS 30D
1/2 sec
f 4.5
Flash: Fired